Spineless jellyfish

The Spanish have elected themselves a socialist government apparently blaming their previous government for the terrorist attacks in Madrid a few days ago. My first reaction was that the Spanish are a bunch of spineless jellyfish. Then I felt bad about speaking ill of a people still reeling from a devastating attack on their nation. Then I read what some Spaniards themselves were saying about the outcome of the election and I didn't feel so bad. Read for yourself.

SPANISH ELECTION POSTSCRIPT, a round up of responses from Spanish bloggers.
TERRORISTS HAVE SUCCEEDED IN TOPPLING THE SPANISH GOVERNMENT. Instapundit's comments as well as a round up of responses from all over the blogosphere.
Socialists Declare Victory in Spanish Elections, Fox News story.
Dhimmi vote wins in Spain, Dhimmi Watch post of AP story.
What Does Osama Want: The Election Effect, post before the election results.
Nobody Expects the Spanish Opposition!, post after the election results.


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