No Sunshine

I found this poem over at Modular Parrrot. I think it describes well how bummed I feel everytime the sun goes behind a cloud (or everytime I think about taxes). During my first year in Syracuse (oh so long ago) I deduced the real reason that the Syracuse University mascot is an orange. It's because the sun so rarely comes out during the seemingly never ending winter that people need a reminder of what it looks like. I have no explanation for anything else that goes on in this state though.
April 14, 2004

I'm tired.
Tried of the long winter without sunshine.
Tired of the 20th year of a late NYS budget and no sunshine.
Tired of legislators that award themselves with a 14 day vacation while the icebergs are floating around and no sunshine.
Tired of hearing about a group of union teachers, after winning a $10B court suit to increase state aid, demand that the state(read you and I) pay them now and no sunshine.
Tired of having a state government that can't be changed due to restrictive voting rules and no sunshine.
Tired of reading about state elected officials and public employees committing crimes while employed by the government and not being summarily fired and tried and still no sunshine.
Tired of paying for school budgets that you have absolutely no control over when you vote it down and the contingency budget is the same or more than the defeated one and no sunshine.
Tired of watching the state/county/city/towns grub through the sewer for every one of your last pennies and then in rides the Lone Ranger Casino to add more sewage. And no sunshine.
Is the only light to be shown in this sad state going to be the flames of it being burned to the ground?

Pete Royle


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