USA "Stingy"? Bite me.

The only things I have had to say about this business about the US being "stingy" in giving aid have been things that I try very hard not to say out loud. But I will allow myself one comment, BITE ME! All of you knuckle heads complaining because the President didn't parade himself in front of the cameras soon enough for you, BITE ME. All of you who are still upset about the Iraq War and are looking for any reason to beat up on the President and the US, BITE ME. We all know full well that no matter what the US and the President did in response to this disaster we would be criticized so, BITE ME. To the New York Times carrying on about "America's initial measly aid offer of $15 million," BITE ME. When the hell did $15 million become measly? When it came from the US. If our critics think us so stingy then I call on the rest of the world to step up and put the US to shame otherwise, BITE ME. And all the while the critics are engaged in their self made feeding frenzy the American people are busy donating millions out of their own pockets and committing their time and energy to helping those devastated by the earthquake and tsunami so BITE ME.

I trust I have made my feelings on this stinginess business quite clear.


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