Time to clean out the favourites list and move some new links into my blogroll.
  • Black Bloggers Association, you'll find links to black bloggers of stripes here.

  • Rooftop Blog, "Exploring the news and interplay of the Four Estates--family, church, government, and the media--and the moral imagination of a culture informed by the Judeo-Christian tradition."

  • Evil White Guy's Blog, "Just your average 'Evil' conservative..."

  • Reading, Writing and Ranting, "One...two...three pundits in one."

  • Sneakeasy's Joint, "Eventually, EVERYONE comes to Sneakeasy's. Enter an establishment of infinite delights: Creative Writing, and discourse on Cycling, Hiking, Cinema, Books, Genealogy, Humor, Cats, Politics, Society, National and World Event, and even My Everyday Life are some of what can be sampled here. So wear your Thinking Cap, check you expectations at the door and don't forget to tip the Bouncer on the way out......."

  • Enjoy.


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