Again with this mess?

"Too many [black conservatives] have been reflexive 'me-too' conservatives, merely echoing the views and opinions of established white conservatives and their stands against affirmative action, set-asides, and the welfare system?" From Booker Rising's quote of the day.

You know, if I had a dollar for every time someone made this kind of accusation I could hire someone to knock the person who uttered it up side the head. Granted the quote is nearly ten years old but the sentiment is alive and well. Why is it so hard to believe that black folk hold to these ideas because they have merit that has nothing to do with what white people think? Where is the evidence that black conservatives are merely echoing what the white folk say? This attitude says a lot about the way that some people think about how black people relate to everyone else. It seems that we must always be somebody else's yes man or mouth piece. Call me whatever you like but my mind and voice are my own. If you don't like it just say you don't like it. If you think I'm wrong just say that I'm wrong. You can even get adventurous and tell me why I'm wrong. But do not come to me with any of that mouth piece crap.


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