Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for/that:


  2. A friend's pool.

  3. Kid sized lifejackets. Isaiah thought it was a good idea to jump up and down on the diving board. He slipped and fell in as the other kids were trying to get him down. Thanks to the life jacket he quickly bobbed to the surface. And thanks to a fast moving friend he was back on the pool deck looking a bit stunned just seconds after hitting the water. None of that stopped him from trying to get in the deep end of the pool though.

  4. Ethan has enough sense not to fall in the deep end of the pool.

  5. Fast moving friends.

  6. Friends to help me out when the car battery dies.

  7. Shopping. I've got myself (and the house) some nice new doodads in honour of my birthday (so what it was two weeks ago and I forgot it).

  8. The garden hose.

  9. The sprinkler duck Ethan got for his birthday last year. That's gotta be the best gift any of the kids have gotten so far.

  10. Air conditioned malls.

  11. Friends to go shopping with.


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