Christmas cookies

I made some sugar cookies with the kids this afternoon while listening to Christmas music on the radio. My that was fun. Isaiah and Sophia were only interested in eating the cookies (Sophia also helped herself to some cookie dough) but I got Ethan to cut out a few. He then sprinkled almost all of my yellow sugar onto one cookie. The first couple of batches never made it out of the kitchen. The last two batches are at the back of the counter where none of the kids can reach them even if they stack up a couple of boxes to get to them. Apparently the boys found some way to reach them because hubby just showed me their toy school bus with three star cookies neatly arranged inside.

I always add almond extract instead of vanilla to my sugar cookies. Ground almonds adds extra flavour too. I've got a thing for almonds in cookies. Using confectioners sugar instead of flour to dust your work surface and rolling pin adds a little glaze to your cookie. I don't go in for the whole icing bit. I'm much too impatient for that. I like my cookies right out of the oven.


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