Thankful Thursday

Arrgghh! 'Tis Thursday again and time to be thanking the good Lord for all that I have, arrgghh! On this day I be thankful for/that:
  1. The babysitter.

  2. The parts of the house are cleaner than they usually are.

  3. Sophia may finally be transitioning to sleeping through the night.

  4. One of the warmest winters on record so far. The boys have only had one snow day this school year. By this time last year there had been three or four.

  5. A warm spring like day. We're going to the park when the boys come home from school.

  6. A paycheck.

  7. My family.

  8. Update
  9. Gardening, in Feburary, in USDA climate zone 5.

What are you thankful for? Arrgghh!


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