Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/that:
  1. I am alive.

  2. I am a child of God, justified and sanctified.

  3. I am an American citizen living in America.

  4. My children are as safe as one can expect in this world.

  5. "Let's pray!" Spoken by Ethan at the dinner table a few nights this week. Last night we let him have at it. What a joy it is to hear your children pray.

    Update: Apparently Isaiah has been going around at school declaring "Lord Jesus!" His teacher is delighted because he's talking and she can understand what he's saying.

  6. Ethan playing with Sophia and letting her poke at him with the toy stethoscope. He even showed her where it was really supposed to go.

  7. I was able to change the date of Isaiah's CSPE meeting without much fuss (once I finally made contact with the person responsible for scheduling those meetings). The notice that the school district sends you about these meetings also tells you that they will hold the meeting to make decisions about your child's education whether you attend or not. (I never thought that it was very respectful of a parent's responsibility to their child.) I had also been told that the school district is always resistant to rescheduling these meetings. But when I got the phone call the scheduler immediately gave me a new date that hubby, myself, and our advocate can make. Pray that all of our other interactions with the district go so well.

  8. Isaiah willingly walked off of the bus yesterday and walked to and onto the bus this morning as well. He's has been very resistant to walking of late. I'm hoping that it's just a response to the change in his routine of being back at school again and that he'll settle down soon.

  9. My friend who invited me to a dinner party with a seven course meal and book reviews.

What are you thankful for?


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