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Denying the "Undeniable Fact" of Global Warming

Below is part of a response made by "Aaron" to my global warming post that was quoted on another blog:
Global warming is a fact, an undeniable fact, as recognized by every reputable scientist on the planet.

I suggest you all watch Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, and see if you can refute just one of the facts presented their, just one. But I imagine you're afraid to even watch, because it might make you face the reality that every other thinking person on the planet is being forced to face.

Or try reading the thousands of peer-reviewed scientific papers which all come to the same conclusion that the disasters warming of the planet is the direct result of human folly and greed.
The entirety of this comment can be found here.

Since it has been slow blogging for me this week, and because I think people really need to consider this issue very carefully, I'll post my response:
Aaron the dispute is over anthropogenic global warming. Do you know what that means? It is the claim that human beings are the cause of changes in the earth's climate. The evidence does not support this claim. The evidence does show that the earth's climate has gone through changes similar to what we are experiencing now in the past.
"Or try reading the thousands of peer-reviewed scientific papers which all come to the same conclusion that the disasters warming of the planet is the direct result of human folly and greed."

What am I to think of this when you say it right after admonishing us all to watch Al Gore's silly movie? And no I will not watch it. My time and yours would be better spent reading a geology text book. You'd learn a hell of a lot more. In fact, I challenge you to drag yourself away from worshiping at the throne of Gore and go read up a little on earth geology. You won't even have to step away from the computer. Google is your friend. And when you're done with that, just for kicks, I suggest you compare earth's climate and geology with that of our closest neighbours in the solar system.

If anthropogenic global warming really was a fact there would be no need for a consensus on it. There is no consensus on the earth being round. It simply is and that fact has been verified over and over again by observation and experimentation. There is no consensus that gravity exists. We may not understand why it works but we know it exists. The fact of its existence has been verified by observation and experimentation. There is no consensus that iron is necessary for the formation of hemoglobin. It simply is and that fact has been verified by observation and experimentation.

I could go on and on but the simple fact is that anthropogenic global warming has yet to be verified by observation or repeated experimentation. I am of the opinion, based on the facts of earth's geological and climate history, that the global warming we are currently experiencing is a naturally occurring phenomenon beyond human control. It has happened before and it will happen again, no matter what Al Gore or the UN says.

I was annoyed, can you tell? Note the use of the "reputable scientist" qualifier. Where reputable seems to mean only that the scientist's conclusion agrees with what you already believe. This of course allows you to ignore all evidence that contradicts your theory because you don't recognize it as "reputable".

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  1. Good Posting.
    The recent pronouncemnt from the UN and the way the press is handling it is VERY scary to me. The scariest part of it all is that what was released was a SUMMARY. Not only was it a summary but it was a summary of a report that is not finished yet. This is exactly the same as predicting global temperatures 100 years from now but not being able to predict it next year. You cannot have a summary of an incomplete report.
    What you CAN do is have a piece of propaganda that fits your political views printed before a report is finished.

    ANother concern I have might offend you as well.. hope not! Science does not exist. In the sense that there is this thing called 'science' like some god in the heavens that KNOWS things. In a similar vein SCIENTISTS are not god like beings. They are human. They have foibles and weebles and politics and lies etc etc just like all other humans. 'Science' is fraught with the signs of human nature wreaking havoc with it.

    babbling now sorry..


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