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The following has been making the rounds among autism bloggers. The American Academy of Pediatrics is looking for parent spokespersons to present a different face of autism to what we usually get in the media. I thought I'd do my part and pass it along as well. It doesn't really need much comment from me. Plenty of folk on the Autism Hub have provided commentary already. Here are just three of the many:

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  • If you're interested in being part of the new science based face of autism in the media you can email Ms. Martin by clicking here.
    From: Susan Martin
    Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2008 2:29 PM
    Subject: parent spokespersons


    As part of our ongoing response to media stories regarding autism and vaccines, the AAP communications department is compiling a list of parents who support the AAP and are available for interviews. We are looking for two types of parents who could serve as spokespersons:

    Parents of children with autism spectrum disorders who support immunization and who do not believe there is any link between their child's vaccines and his or her autism.

    Parents of children who suffered a vaccine-preventable illness. This could be a parent who declined immunization, whose child became ill before a vaccine was available, or whose child was ineligible for immunization.

    We are asking for your help identifying parents who would be good spokespersons. They do not need to be expert public speakers. They just need to be open with their story and interested in speaking out on the issue. We will contact candidates in advance to conduct pre-interviews, to offer guidance on talking to reporters and to obtain a signed waiver giving us permission to release their name.

    If a parent were placed on our list, we would offer their name and contact information to select media. We hope to build a list of parents from a wide range of geographical areas.

    As the Jenny McCarthy and "Eli Stone" stories illustrate, this issue is likely to recur in the national and local media. The AAP is committed to doing all we can to counter such erroneous reports with factual information supported by scientific evidence and AAP recommendations.

    The anti-vaccine groups often have emotional family stories on their side. The ability to offer a reporter an interview with a similarly compelling parent who is sympathetic to the AAP's goals is a powerful tool for our media relations program.

    Please contact me if you have any questions or to suggest a parent to interview.

    Thank you,

    Susan Stevens Martin
    Director, Division of Media Relations
    American Academy of Pediatrics

    Here's to a more realistic and responsible representation of autism in the media.


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