Home Alone

I'm home alone with all four kids today. We have already had hilarity ensue. While I was kneading the dough for the pizza we just had for lunch Isaiah dumped all of the goldfish pellets into Julia's tank (the goldfish had to be separated because Julia was having issues with sharing). Speaking of Isaiah. It's too quiet.

5 Minutes Later

Well the half pizza that was left is down to less than one quarter. There's still one whole pizza that I didn't cut into so dinner is safe. I bought a couple minutes of non-inquisitiveness with some fruit gushers I bought in preparation for this week.

Now I've forgotten what else I was going to write. Maybe it will come back to me after bed time.


  1. Let me share.

    D.S. 2.0 jumped from his bed, onto a rocking chair that is about 6 feet away. The chair responds with an opposite force and flings him back onto the bed.

    He goes, "Whooooaaaaa."

    And does it again.

    Mrs. D.S. takes the rocking chair from the room.

    D.S. 2.0, being kinda big for 3 and kinda heavy for 3 (90-95 percentile in height and weight), uses his leverage to move his car bed about 3 feet from his dresser.

    He climbs on top of the dresser and then uses the bed as a trampoline.

  2. Our kids think too much alike. Or maybe all kids think that way but I don't remember being quite so reckless. I only had to fall out of a tree once.

    I exiled the rocking chair to the basement sometime ago. My nerves couldn't handle it. Your story about the dresser reminded me that one of the boys broke a part of their headboard this morning. And I bought the little stinkers a trampoline and they still jump on the beds!

    And it's only Monday. Good luck.


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