Monday Morning Minutes

  1. I need to stop listening to the political and economic news. The temptation to snark is near overwhelming. I'm trying to maintain on overall respectful attitude towards our elected officials but they sure don't make it easy.

  2. I heard parts of the soundtrack from Slumdog Millionaire on the news this morning. I like it. I may have to acquire the soundtrack.

  3. Unfriendly government workers who have apparently been instructed to find any excuse to refuse to help the people that they are supposed to be helping are annoying. Hubby and I now have the pleasure of requesting a fair hearing to keep our health insurance because our caseworker can't or won't understand the concept of fluctuating income.

  4. What is with the obsession with vaccines and autism?! Those crack pot theories have failed to stand up to rigorous scientific scrutiny time and time again. Go away already.

  5. Nation of cowards indeed. Does that include black folk who refuse to go somewhere because they just assume all the white people there are flaming racists anyway?

  6. In our "post racial" era is there anything that isn't racist? Clyburn accuses Southern governors of slighting blacks over stimulus. Is that a no?


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