On the news tonight, Updated

I got hooked up with a reporter for the local CBS affiliate station who is doing a story on local parent reactions to today's ruling by the autism omnibus. I'm hoping that I won't be the only parent he interviews who agrees with the ruling. The story will air during the 5:30 PMEST broadcast. I made sure to leave out the copy of Autism's False Prophets (excellent book I have a review in the works)that I got from the library as well as some of the Valentine's Day stuff that the kids have been bringing home from school this week. We had to bribe Sophia with markers and a colouring book to keep her from jumping in front of the camera. She is such a ham!

The reporter got some shots of the boys school pictures (they're still at after school program), our messy bookshelves, and the copy of Autism's False Prophets.

Update 6:16 PMEST:

Well the 5:30 broadcast was short but to the point. For the 6:00 broadcast the anchor woman botched my name and misrepresented what I said. Here's the link to the story with video, Court Ruling: Vaccines Don't Cause Autism.


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