Monday Morning Minutes

  1. Sis 2 wants a bag of hot nickles and 5 minutes alone with the man who is alleged to have shot Dr. Tiller in church on Sunday (news about that here). Can't say that I blame her. As repulsive as late term partial birth abortion is and as unrepentant as Tiller was about performing those kinds of abortions gunning him down in church (or anywhere else) is just as repulsive.

  2. Found this while I was looking up info on Tiller's murder, George Tiller Murder Prompts Second Look At Scandalized DHS Report. The author is referring to that DHS report that essentially painted anyone with any right leaning tendencies as a potential home grown terrorist (comments on that here). At the time of this posting they have 5 comments posted and 176 awaiting approval of the powers that be at the Huffington Post. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on that wall?

  3. So how many missiles is North Korea going to have to shoot off before we ground them or something? Scolding them clearly doesn't work. Do they get to keep the American journalists that they've taken or are we going to ask nicely to have then back?


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