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The White House wants to know what the American people think about health care reform so I told them. This is of course only my opinion. Feel free to share yours at or go to

Dear Mr. President and White House Staffers,

Please make the entirety of all the bills being considered for health care reform available with out restriction on the internet. Provide for the American people the names of those who wrote those bills. We want to know the reasoning behind the various clauses in those bills. Please provide us detailed analysis of how each clause would be implemented if made into law. Please explain in exquisite mind numbing detail how these proposed reforms will be paid for. As you may have noticed you have the full attention of the American people now. We are more than eager to know the intentions of our government.

Assurances that all will be well are insufficient. Anecdotes and hypothetical scenarios are insufficient. Complaining about particular news organisations is insufficient (and should be beneath the office of the President). Claiming that American citizens who oppose this particular drive for large scale reform are somehow un-American, in the pay of a particular industry, fear mongers or, to use the new term, "evil mongers" is insufficient (and frankly it makes supporters of health care reform sound desperate).

Instead of using the resources of the White House to get Americans to pass on information about our lawful exercise of our freedoms of speech and expression please dedicate yourselves to the task of explaining why anyone should believe anything that the administration has to say about the consequences of the various reform bills if they become law.

Give the American people the facts. Nothing more, nothing less. Do not expect us to be cowed by stereotypical portrayals our refusal to blindly follow along with the current plans for health care reform. Do expect us to continue to exercise the freedoms granted to us by our Constitution. Do expect us to cry foul when our government misbehaves. Do expect us to continue to demand the facts. And finally do expect us to wonder, out loud, just what the administration will do with all of the names and email addresses collected concerning health care reform.

Samantha Pierce


  1. Sam what is you policy/preferences about linking your posts via personal facebook pages? I'd love to 'share' this post on my facebook page, many friends would applaud you :)

  2. Haven't got a policy except, spell my name right. :) This post will turn up on my Facebook page eventually so I have no objections to it turning up on anyone else's. Thanks for your interest.


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