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Special Education SOP

Late night last minute preparations for a CSE meeting for one of the children in the morning. I already know what I'm going to say and I already have information at hand to back me up. New York state education regulations as written and implemented tend to throw stumbling blocks in the paths of students with IEP/504 Plans.
A student with an IEP/504 Plan that includes an extended time testing accommodation can end up enduring 12 hours of testing to complete Regents exams if they have two exams scheduled on the same day. New York doesn't reschedule these exams to accommodate students with IEP/504 Plans. One option is for student to take one of the exams months later during one of the other allowed testing period in January, June, and August. The other option is to not take one of the exams at all.
I'm not a fan of any of those options for my children or anyone else's. So I've got my copy of the full text of IDEA, all 162 pages of it. Download your copy today! I also ha…

Thankful Thursday: Sanchia A Callender

Thankful for the life my sister lived and the lives she touched while she was with us. Please donate to the Sanchia A Callender Memorial Fund to help us build on her legacy of helping others.

Mixed People

Black and White Mixed People. I saw the title of this post as hubby was working on it and my response was, "What the heck is that supposed to mean?" The post discusses somewhat the changing attitudes in America towards definitions of race with regards to people of (recently) mixed race.

People like to talk about the one drop rule as the main factor in how race is assigned to individuals. I am of the opinion the that the one drop rule is more important to certain select segments of the American community than it is to the majority of America. I'm willing to bet that a lot of the people reading this post right now don't know what the one drop rule is and would find it to be nonsensical once they learned what it was.

Thankful Thursday: Imperfect People

Thankful Thursday! Shout out to my fellow imperfect people making their way through life.

Autism and Galaxies

The microscopic patterns of life often repeat themselves in telescopic images of the universe. How we attempt to describe autism has a galactic representative as well. At first I thought to use the Magellanic Clouds but really any galaxy will do and colliding galaxies work even better.

A collection of a variety of types of stars, maybe some globular clusters, gases, dust, maybe some planets around those some of those stars, and other celestial bodies zipping about

The Large Magellanic Cloud is a globular cluster in our Milky Way galaxy. Pick any star on the edge of the cloud, is it in or out? Move a bit beyond to the next star, in or out? The edges of the clouds are as fuzzy as the edges of the autism spectrum. The cloud travels through the galaxy as a discreet body. The stars in the cloud interact with each other in predictable ways.

Galaxies colliding model the changing ground of societal expectations and scientific understanding of autism. New conflagrations occur, old ones are de…

Tales From The Crib

Blast from the past when the minions where a bit smaller.

"Did you just pee on my computer!" Thankfully the answer was no."No don't pick my nose!" She was adamant on this point."It was not a baby gorilla! It's a baby yeti, abominable snowman! It is not a baby gorilla!" I don't remember any more who he was arguing with or what about but that's still funny

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/that:
The personal computer, internet, and wi fi. All of which allow me to be very productive without getting out of my pjs or my bed.Yeah, I said it.Progress!Inspiration.The kids, even when they are fighting and screaming and being extra defiant.Modern medicine. I'd probably be dead without it. What are you thankful for?