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Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/that: * I got Isaiah to the bathroom before he threw up. Now he's busy devouring a book of dry rice chex. Hopefully they will agree with him better than the fruit and gelatin did. Baby Jewel's first laugh. She's only done it once so far despite my best efforts to evoke another cute little giggle from her. With Halloween almost upon us I don't have much longer to endure all of the silly horror Halloween TV programming. All of this "spooky" television is getting on my nerves. The end of this seemingly unending election season is almost here. I hope and pray that we don't have to put up with any of the foolishness that we've seen of late. What are for thankful for? * Halfway through this list I went to investigate the cessation of the satisfied crunching noises coming from Isaiah. I found him standing on the kitchen counter in front of the cabinet where we keep the cereal. I got him to say/sign, "I want cereal." I guess h

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/that: The new furnace. Never before in this house at this time of year have I had to wonder, "Why is it so warm in here?" Home mad apple pie. Small children crashing through piles of autumn leaves. Although, the kids aren't all that small any more. Books! I forgot two more for this week: The kids aren't waking up at 6 o'clock in the morning any more. The sound of a happy baby with a full tummy. What are you thankful for?

The S Word

Hubby: [Looking out the window] Is it snowing?! Sigh, yes it is. You know you live in central New York when the question is not will it snow by Halloween but how much will it snow by Halloween. Nothing is sticking but it got Sophia excited anyway.

Talk to Oprah About Autism

From Left Brain/Right Brain : An email from Amy Pisani – a thoroughly charming lady who runs the organisation Every Child By Two – made me nod appreciatively today. I’ll quote it in full: It has been quite some time since Every Child By Two (ECBT) has asked you to take action on an issue related to immunizations. I write to you today with an urgent request for your assistance in reaching out to the Oprah Winfrey Show to urge that she dedicate a show to the science behind the question of whether vaccines cause autism. More than fourteen credible studies have been conducted worldwide exonerating vaccines and yet the media and entertainment industry continue to frame this as a debate. ECBT and our public health partners have reached out to Oprah’s producers countless times without success. However, I recently had a lengthy conversation with one of the producers who recommended that we initiate a letter writing campaign by commenting within the feedback section of the website.

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/that: Hot running water. I finally got the last of the paint off of me from last week's painting. Just in time for another round of scraping, patching, sanding, priming, and painting. Autumn leaves. The bright colours never fail to amaze me. My computer is back in good working order. Modern medicine, particularly those lovely pharmaceuticals that do away with the microscopic critters that like to take up residence in the human body and cause trouble. What are you thankful for?

Here we go again

What, does the autistic population of North America have a sign on their collective backside saying "Kick Me"? Dennis Leary seems to think so and takes aim with one of the usual sticks used to beat autistics these days. According to some book he wrote most autistics are just dumb and lazy with bad parents. Dude, put or shut up. Where's the evidence to support your claims? It doesn't help that there are those who screech (yes I said screech) about how vaccines and "toxins" poisoned and/or stole their child from them pouring their money into unproven treatments and cures. I think most carefully thinking people know a scam when they see one. Especially when so many of the people pushing the idea that vaccines are involved in autism (despite all evidence to the contrary) are so conveniently also pushing cures and treatments for what they claim is wrong with autistic kids (autistic adults don't seem to exist in their minds). People are right to push back aga

Birthday Girl

When I was a kid (alright I was a teenager) I wanted a purple bedroom. That never quite happened so I gave my daughter a purple room for her birthday. I had to talk her down from a deep dark purple but she's happy with the colour she got. She insisted on a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and purple sprinkles. I couldn't find purple sprinkles so I got some extra purple icing instead. She was so excited about her cake that she sampled it before I got to icing it hence the odd shape. More pictures of the festivities are at My Picture Blog .

Thankful Thursday

Check it our. I'm actually posting this on a Thursday. So today I am thankful for/that: New friends. Old friends. Family. Warm blankets on cool nights. A sleeping baby. Cute chubby knees on said sleeping baby. The creative talent of my children even if it means I've got to clean up whatever creative mess they sneak off to make. Love. The election season is almost over. What are you thankful for?

What did you say?

This installment has been a bit over due but I've been busy ya know. Anyway, here are a few things heard in the house since early August. *** Ethan: [ Curled up in a blanket on a hot summer evening. ] Do not distrub. Me: I think you mean disturb . *** Hubby recorded this exchange: Context: I was trying to get information out of Ethan about the song he was playing on the organ, and I eventually got out of him that it wasn't something he sang at school but was the dance practice song from Mickey Mouse. I asked him something else (I can't remember what), and he was his often-unresponsive self. Sophia chimed in, "Daddy, he doesn't hear you. You should talk to me about it." *** Sophia: Daddy! I'm busy! Said as hubby plucked her off of Ethan who she was using as a trampoline. He was a willing trampoline but we had to stop her on principal. *** This exchange took place while I nursed Jewel. Ethan: She's eating your skin! Me: No she's drinking milk. E

Debate Watching

Hubby and I are tuned into the VP debate tonight which I may come to regret. Althouse is live blogging the debate. Well that wasn't so bad. Civil and instructive.

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/that: I remembered on Thursday to do my Thankful Thursday post. Sleep, can't get enough of the stuff. Cheerful happy kids crawling all over grandma and grandpa and having a grand old time. Helping hands. Friends, new and old. Baking weather is here! This week alone I've made two batches of muffins, a loaf of apple bread, and a batch of apple crisp. I probably say this every year but, the dance of brightly coloured autumn leaves on eddies of wind. The opportunity to present a different more hopeful message about autism. What are you thankful for?

Autism Awareness Forum Speech

Well, I made it through today and made a few new friends. There were the expected mentions of vaccines. One woman even gave the panel a copy of Jenny McCarthy's latest book. There were also much more useful suggestions like getting better dental care for kids with disabilities and more social skills training opportunities for children and adults. Here's the text of the speech I gave at the New York State Assembly Republican Regional Forum on Autism Awareness. I made only one deviation to point out that a forum on autism awareness should seek out more autistic individuals to teach them about autism. Two of my four children are autistic. Every day my children make me proud to be their mother. I am continually amazed by the effort and creativity my autistic children display in trying to navigate a world that is so foreign, and sometimes hostile, to them. I am amazed by the compassion and understanding (traits so often lacking in adults) displayed by my children. Autism presents ch