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Black face on the brain

In an effort to appease those with black-face-on-the-brain Syracuse University has sent out a campus wide email urging students to "think about how others may be impacted by the costume you choose to wear." Translation, beware the idiots who don't understand the concept of caricature and see racial bias in every choice every white person makes. Hubby posted the whole email and commented on it here . I've said about all I intend to say about this foolishness.

Where to vote

Find your polling place at . You get either the address to your polling place or the name and number of who you can call for that information. Hat tip Booker Rising

Useful referral

Some one came to my blog looking for " afro pick comb " from a Korean search engine it looks like. The funny thing is that the search also turned up a link to this site which has instructions for the hair care of mixed race kids. Since I don't know what to do with my own hair most of the time this could be useful for me.

No Criticism

Am I a bad person for laughing at this ? Jewish groups at Duke University in North Carolina are demanding the head of a columnist and editors at the student newspaper there because the former published an article saying Jews can’t handle criticism, reports the Associated Press .

A voice from Iraq

The Mesopotamian on the recent elections in Afghanistan: So the Afghan people came to vote, traveling from far away villages on donkeys, on foot, by whatever means of transport available, braving intimidation, defying the terrorists. They came in their thousands, and waited outside polling stations for hours and hours patiently. Women came; old men came; young men came. The women suspended their household work, taking turns to look after the children. I am not inventing all this, all the reporters mentioned this. We saw it on T.V. screens. The poor people came, clad in their simple attires, their poverty itself a great medal of honor and decency. I tell you, I have seldom witnessed such an awesome sight; I have seldom been touched more profoundly by an event. This was the vote of the people, the truth of the people, and the judgment and Word of the people. Read the rest, it's pretty powerful. From Iraq the Model : "I have been a sailor for 22 years, but no one ever bother


I'm no baseball fan and really don't care who does what when but Shepard Smith of Fox Report was seriously breaking on the Yankees tonight. Something to the effect of, "The bombers are moving to the Philippines where they will be known as the Manila Folders." I know they lost 10 to 3 but dang.

Bush on the environment and UK pharmaceutical companies

I caught the tail end of Brit Hume's show on Fox News last night. He ran a clip of a political ad campaign from the David Letterman show the previous night. I can't find a link to the video (maybe some one a bit more internet savy with a bit more time on their hands could find one for me?) but I did find the text of the voice over for the ad. ANNOUNCER: "President Bush claims he cares about protecting the environment. Yet in recent days, across large parts of the country, something terrible has happened to millions of trees. Their leaves have turned bright colors and fallen off. Help turn around this ecological disaster. Vote for John Kerry --- friend of the earth." [Insert evil genius laughter here] The thing is, I wouldn't put it past Kerry to blame President Bush for the change in the weather. He seems more than willing to blame the President for pretty much everything else these days. I still want to know why Kerry thinks the President should be h

Thanks all

Thanks to all of you who sent your prays and congratulations. Sophia has already got herself a double chin. She seems to think that our bedtime is just about the right time to wake up and take a look around at her new home. Efforts to get her to stay awake a little more during the day have failed so far (although, she is awake as I write this). Ethan adores his little sister but his method of expressing it is starting to bug me. He imitates every sound she makes and so far that has just been sneezing and crying (Sophia sneezed at Ethan the first time he saw her in the hospital, it made quite an impression on him). It was cute the first few times he imitated her cries but now it's starting to drive me nuts. Isaiah isn't really interested in Sophia much. He'd rather just hang out with hubby 24-7. Having someone smaller to compare him to makes me realise just how big Isaiah has gotten. The words stout, stalwart, and strong as an ox come to mind. The words, shady, cunning

Presidential selector

I should be taking a nap but the blog calls to me. I took the 2004 American Presidential Candidate Selector test that hubby linked to . Interesting results. Your Results: 1. Your ideal theoretical candidate. (100%) Click here for info 2. Bush, President George W. - Republican (78%) Click here for info 3. Badnarik, Michael - Libertarian (48%) Click here for info 4. Kerry, Senator John, MA - Democrat (44%) Click here for info 5. Peroutka, Michael - Constitution Party (32%) Click here for info 6. Cobb, David - Green Party (12%) Click here for info 7. Nader, Ralph - Independent (12%) Click here for info 8. Brown, Walt - Socialist Party (7%) Click here for info

Blogging post partum: It's a girl!

Hubby has spread the news far and wide but just in case you missed it here it is again: Sophia Alexandria Pierce born at 2:27 PM on Thursday, October 14, 2004 6 lbs 14 oz, 20 in, lots of hair. We'll have pictures in a few hours. She seems to have night and day confused (lucky me!) so I was up from around midnight until six this morning. Hopefully she'll figure things out soon. She absolutely positively HATES being undressed or having her diaper changed and is not shy about letting you know it. The boys are reacting to her in their own ways. Isaiah doesn't really seem to care about her existence. There are too many things for him to knock over I suppose. Ethan on the other hand is very curious about Sophia and was over heard by sis 2 whispering, "I love you, I love you, I love you," to her from the back seat on the way home from the hospital. Kids are so cool sometimes! I need a nap! Up date: Hubby's got pictures up.

Blogging while pregnant: Week 41

So yeah, I'm over due. For more than a week I've been getting calls every day from the family asking if I've had the baby yet. I keep telling them to stop calling me but they keep calling any way. Family, gotta love 'em. Sis 2 is here for the week to help me put the house in order and take care of the kids. She's addicted to the Food Network and CSI . I haven't had a good news fix since she got here on Monday morning. Now she's trying to get me to watch Smallville . I do not do teeny bopper TV, not even for a beloved sister who's willing to chase my kids all day, clean my house, and cook meals for me. We're watching CSI for the third night in a row instead. After two days here she actually said to a friend on the phone something to the effect that she was having a good restful vacation. She got the obsessive cleaning and organising gene that is pretty much suppressed in me. By the time she's done there won't be anything left for anyone e

Another debate

Hubby will be live blogging the debate tonight over at Parablemania ( permalink to follow when he actually starts) so it will be another late night. Maybe this debate will bring on labour! That's the only reason for me to watch now, besides some morbid rubber necking tendencies I have when it comes to these kinds of things. On a brighter note, tonight is the season premier of Star Trek: Enterprise . Yeah! I've been waiting for this for months! Hubby says they spent something like three days filming one fight sequence in the season opener. (Hubby notes in the comments, "The three-day filming of a fight scene was for an episode a couple years ago." That's a bit of a relief because none of the fight scenes in the episode seemed all that spectacular. Sorry for the error.) I hope it's good. Andromeda is on in a few minutes so I gotta go. Up date: 9:55 PM , I can't take it any more. I'm going to bed. Kerry's trying to take credit for stuff that

Still blogging while pregnant

Today was my due date. I've still got a little 7 plus pounder dancing on my bladder. Sigh, it could still be another 2 weeks before junior finally puts in his or her first appearance. I keep thinking back to those days in college when I would fervently pray for God to teach me patience. There was always a little voice in my head asking, are you sure you're ready for that lesson? Be careful what you ask God for people. He just might give it to you. We didn't really have a plan about what we would do with the kids when we went into the hospital. So far we've had more than one person from church volunteer to watch the kids for us. Today while I was making dinner I got a call from a friend who had just moved back into town volunteering to watch the kids while I'm in the hospital or just home from the hospital. Sis 2 will be here on Monday morning. Another friend from church has already spent some time helping me straighten the house out and is willing to continue hel

VP Debate

Hubby's live blogging the debate . He's also taping it so there will probably be a more detailed analysis later.

Blogroll Updates

My favorites list is getting too long so I'm moving some stuff to my blogroll. Here we go. Black Pundit : A conservative approach (fellow member of the Conservative Brotherhood ) Jollyblogger - a weblog for jolly beggars No Pundit Intended The Black Republican : A defense of the enduring principles upon which the Republican Party was founded The Hunter's Herald Reflexion , by a veteran mom buddy of mine Go check them out.

How to suffer

Apostolate of Suffering "...I feel so bad for the people suffering here without faith. One woman was in here last week, as old as I am, and didn't know how to pray. So I taught her how. She was suffering and bitter when she came in; she left still suffering, but with a completely changed attitude. Jesus suffered so much for our sake, how can we not give Him back a little suffering of our own? It doesn't matter if I have cancer or if I don't. With faith, I have God within me and am at peace. Without faith, I could have full health, but I would still be bitter. God is so good." Said by a little old lady suffering from cancer. How many Christians look at suffering this way? I think too many are caught up in the health and wealth gospel (many don't even realise it) that tells you that if you're sick or don't have every little material thing your heart desires something must be wrong in your relationship with God. I just can't see that attitude

It was only a matter of time...

Pajama Pundit Although this blog seems to have been around since before that unfortunate "guys in pajamas" comment (its been insta-launched ) it's still great that some one out there named their blog this. Even better that it was a woman. Us girls need to stick together to defeat this sexist notion that only men blog [wink wink]. Check out the post on David Horowitz and the Academic Bill of Rights .

More debate stuff

Hubby finally got around to watching the debate on tape and has a post up, "Thoughts on Debate #1 ".

I don't play those kinds of games

On Thursday, September 30, 2004 I received an email from one Nathaniel Livingston with a link to a photo of a politician's daughter (which he apparently sent to other black conservative bloggers as well). What's the big deal you ask? Well, Mr. Livingston seems to think that I should be interested in pontificating on the brewing scandal surrounding said politician's daughter. Sorry sir but I do not play those kinds of games. My one and only response to Mr. Livingston (besides this post) is this: Not sure why you think I would be interested in the photo but here's a link for you: Samantha Pierce The link is to hubby's post " Outing Gays for Political Gain " on September 28, 2004. You can find the link to Mr. Livingston's response in the track backs to hubby's post. Hubby's response to this gentleman's obvious lack of understanding of the issue is entitled " Democrats Make R

Discworld quizz

Discworld: Which Ankh-Morpork City Watch Character are YOU? brought to you by Quizilla A gnome? I'm not that short! (via Parableman )

Last night's debate: my two cents

Kerry camp: Our candidate did good, Bush sucked. Bush camp: Our candidate did good, Kerry flip flopped. Did anyone really expect anything different? The only way that this debate could have changed my mind about voting for President Bush was if Bush had turned out to be Kerry in disguise. Nothing Kerry could have said would have changed the minds of Kerry supporters about voting for Kerry. The Anybody But Bush crowd could never be swayed by anything in a debate either. I heard nothing from Kerry that I hadn't heard before. Still didn't hear any details about how he would do things differently from President Bush or why, just that the President is wrong, wrong, wrong. WHY, WHY, WHY, I wanted to scream. I admit that I'm biased against Kerry but I was at least hoping that he would put forth some plans that I could gripe about. What was this business about "out sourcing jobs to Afghan war lords?" What kind of foolishness was that? I suppose if only U.S. troo