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Thankful Thursday

Today as everyone settles down for football and turkey I am thankful for/that: The girls are still small enough to walk on my back when I need it. Homes stuffed to the gills with family. The creative planning that goes into keeping five kids engaged, happy and productive. They've made two desserts and some Christmas decorations so far today. Loved ones who are apart from us for a little while. Music. Not just enough but abundance. Laughter. Love that covers all things. What are you thankful for?

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/that: "Can I help you with your laundry?" That just about made my week. Progress. More blessings than I know even if it doesn't always feel like it. What are you thankful for?

Newsflash! Teachers need to be better trained!

This is being reported as if it is some new revelation, Teacher training should emphasize the practical, panel urges . Programs that train teachers need to be radically revised, according to a panel composed of some of the country's top educators, and eight states, including Maryland, have signed on to adopt the recommendations, scheduled to be released Tuesday. Teachers are poorly prepared to meet students' educational needs upon reaching the classroom. That's not necessarily a reflection on the teachers as I've known many who desperately want to help their students but are painfully aware that they weren't properly prepared to do so and are not going to get the support they need from their school district hierarchy. Were I a teacher, or a leader in a teacher's union, I'd be demanding that schools and other organizations that claim to train teachers actually teach them how to teach. The article above mentions that Teach for America, a program that recruits

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/that: The men and women who serve in America's armed forces. The families of said men and women who must do without them while they serve. The opportunity to be an American. What are you thankful for?


This came across my inbox today and I thought I would share it. We have in the past had problems with the district doing what is required on our sons' IEPs. As in it says speech 5 times a week but the speech therapist only works 4 days a week. That so did work for us. From my experience and from talking with other parents of children with various disabilities schools are already fairly lax in adhering to what is in a student's IEP. Can't folk fall down on the job on this one. Here's the text of the email. NY SPEECH THERAPY STANDARD THREATENED More Info GET BACK ON THE PHONES TODAY! If you want to make sure your child continues to get speech therapy at school you need to get on the phone. The New York Regents, the statewide board that sets school policy, is attempting yet again to reduce the minimum educational standards for students with autism. They want to make integrated classrooms bigger, and to eliminate the minimum speech therapy standards for studen

Thankful Thursday

In yet another it's never too late to be thankful Thankful Thursday Friday post, today I am thankful for/that: God's grace. Cooking with the kiddies. Now if only they would eat the stuff they like to watch/help me cook. Fresh baked bread. "Here mommy let me help you." Even if the help isn't all that helpful at least they tried. Little sweet hearts. Central heating. Not too thrilled about the energy bill though. What are you thankful for?