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Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/that: The unstoppable forward march of spring. Hope. This too shall pass. Helping hands. The IRS isn't after me, not yet anyway. Those who wish to be stumbling blocks will get trampled. What are you thankful for?

Returned to Sender

I've been reading up on the Tennessee woman who adopted a child from Russian and then after a few months sent him back. I'm having a hard time understand why anyone would think that this was acceptable behavior. Fury as U.S. woman adopts Russian boy, 7, then sends him back alone with note saying: 'I don't want him anymore' Tenn. Mom Sends Adopted Son Back To Russia Adoption Freeze Urged After Boy, 7, Returned With Letter Torry Hansen, 33 claims, in the letter that she sent with the boy and through her mother in the media, that the child has mental health issues that she was not made aware of and was not prepared to deal with. News flash lady, and anyone else who thinks they can return-to-sender a child, the same thing is true of biological children. Despite an unrealistic wish for perfect children no one under any circumstances is guaranteed a perfect worry free problem free child. When biological parents do something like this it is called abandonment. When you ado

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/that: The perfect sacrifice. Redemption. Sunshine. Birds singing. What are you thankful for?