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Deathwatch: It's all over

Terri Schiavo finally died today after being denied food and water for two weeks. Let us offer up a prayer. Our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread And forgive us our trespasses As we forgive those who trespasses against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen. This is a sad day. We have actively pursued the death of an innocent woman. Sadder still is the fact that we actively pursue the deaths of innocents everyday. God have mercy on our souls. La Shawn Barber has a round up of what others are saying.

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for/that: Most of the snow in the backyard has melted. The crocuses are in full bloom. Isaiah is making great progress weith his teacher and speech therapist. Ethan's first school pictures. So cute! What are you thankful for?

The power of a father's prayer

Brian B at Memento Moron is looking at life with out an apnea/bradicardia monitor for his newborn. This is going to cost him a lot of sleep as he goes through the new parent ritual of worrying about their sleeping newborn at night (why don't we worry as much during the day?). Brian's concern reminded me of my dad. As a kid I would often wake in the middle of the night to find my dad sitting at the foot of my bed praying. (You didn't think I knew you were there did you dad.) This was a man who worked three jobs AND went to school at the same time. He needed his sleep. Finding my dad sacrificing much needed sleep to pray for me taught me two things. It taught me how important prayer is and it showed me how much my dad loves me. Thanks dad. Good luck Brian.

Another South East Asia Quake

Reports are coming in that there has been another quake off the coast of Sumatra. It may or may not be an aftershock of the December 26, 2004 quake ranging somewhere between 8.2 and 8.5 in magnitude. It seems to be the same kind of quake that caused the Boxing Day Tsunami. I haven't heard anything yet about a wave hitting land though. People are being evacuated. Mike King of Ramblings' Journal has got some info. Update: 8.2 Magnitude Aftershock Rocks Northern Sumatra Residents flee after major earthquake strikes off Indonesia, tsunami warning issued Strong earthquake hits Indonesia's Sumatra island Earthquake hits Sumatra It seems that the region has dodged the tsunami bullet. Now they just have to deal with the aftermath of such a strong quake. Some silver lining. Update: magnitude upped to 8.7 Indonesia earthquake damages buildings Update: More at PunditGuy Update: 8:00 PM Even without another tsunami there's still much destrcution and loss of life. Quake Strikes

Grumble grumble

You know, it's a wonder more computer geeks don't go around shootin' up stuff. I've spent the last few hours trying to arrange uploading some pictures of the kids for the blog. Getting the pictures off the camera was a time consuming pain in the butt. That's what first put me in a bad mood. When I finally got that all sorted out I discovered that my old free ftp program no longer worked. The company had up and gone to strictly for pay stuff. So I had to have hubby find me some new free ftp software. Then I had to go to some really flashy but poorly designed sites and look for info and change passwords and what not. Now I have to try to figure out how to use the new ftp software. I'm about ready to hurt somebody. How do people who do this kind of thing for a living not go mad?

Just try and stop me.

The feds are looking to sink their claws into blogs and muzzle the blogging citizenry. The Federal Elections Commission is considering extending its rules to bloggers on the internet. This is a really bad idea. What, are we gonna be China now? I haven't got time to deal with that kind of mess. What is wrong with these people? I will not comply with any regulations that seek to control what I say on my blog. That is my responsibility and my responsibility alone. Bloggers in America have been instrumental lobbyists on the behalf of bloggers in other countries who have run afoul of governments seeking to control what its citizens say. Will they soon have to return the favor to their American advocates? What others are saying: La Shawn Barber Memento Moron The Online Coalition blog , petition Instapundit's always got something Black Republican Bunker Mulligan

What movie am I?

What Classic Movie Are You? personality tests by Hat tip: Brian B

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for/that: I'm alive. I have a husband that I love and trust. Ethan didn't break any bones when he fell over the weekend. No one else got the stomach bug that Ethan picked up in the ER. Sophia has recovered from her ear infection. Spring is here (technically). There are winter aconite and crocuses blooming on the front lawn. It was warm enough to take the kids for a walk this week. Christian seders. Tasty cooking experiments. No Bible study this morning so I got to sleep in.

Put it in writing

Dad and I were talking the other day and the subject of Terry Schiavo came up. Among the things that were said dad began to tell me what he would want if he were ever to be in Terry Schiavo's shoes. My only response to him was to put it in writing. The great debacle that has been made of Terry Schiavo's situation could have been avoided if somewhere there was something in writing about what she would want in a situation like the one she's in. With the medical advances that we have today people with conditions that would have once meant death can live. With these advances come the arrogant belief that we have control over life and death. In the past we assumed that life was important enough to people that they would want to live if they could. No more. Now we have the ugly specter of "quality of life" raising it's ugly head. (Ever notice that whenever someone mentions "quality of life" it is in the context of arguing that someone should die?) I've

Motherhood and the ER

Some time during Ethan's first year of life I predicted to our family doctor that we would probably have to take Ethan to the ER at least once before his 5th birthday. Oh how I wish I had been wrong. Ethan made his first trip to the emergency room yesterday. On Saturday he tripped and fall landing on his right hand rather awkwardly. We spent five hours there yesterday just to make sure that the swelling in his hand wasn't due to any broken bones. We went prepared with books for Ethan and his ducky. My sisters held down the fort at home with Isaiah. It was really a very uneventful trip. Unfortunately Ethan picked up a bug while we were waiting around to be seen. So far this morning he's been through several sets of clothing. I've started doing laundry to keep up with him. He seems okay for the moment though. Motherhood, it's the toughest job you'll ever love. But back to my thoughts on my first trip to the ER as a mom. To me emergency connotes speed and efficienc

Desperate to be housewives

Diggers Realm blogs about the trend among young women to reject the feminist mantra of "having it all." Maybe now people will begin to acknowledge that raising children IS a career that is worth a woman's whole hearted devotion and undivided attention. If not I'll still enjoy my career as a stay at home mom (there's a misnomer if ever there was one).

A day in the life

Happy birthday Ethan! Four more years! Four more years! I baked some gluten free brownies and took them to school for him. We went to the school to hang out with him for a little bit. The brownies were a big hit. Isaiah really enjoyed stealing the birthday boy's brownie but he stole it back. I took Sophia to the doctor this morning. Li'l Bit has got her first (and only I hope) ear infection. Which is why I'm posting so late on this special day. She's been miserable since Tuesday night. But she's all drugged up now and trying to stick her head in my mouth. Yes her head. Sometimes she seems to get the idea that it should fit. Kids are a real riot.

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for: Peace and quiet. The tulip, crocus, and iris shoots I saw sticking up out of the ground as the snow melted this week. Being one week closer to spring. Ethan's birthday. Four unbelievable years tomorrow.

More on Bloghercon

Someone asked the question," Should Blog her con be open to men? " I didn't know that it was closed to them. Lisa Stone of Surfette is looking for input on Blog her con. (She's also got links to a bunch of other folks blogging about it.) I'm partial to a location in the north east since that's where I am. Barring that a major metro center that's easy to get to and easy to get around in would be good. Worker Bees Blog has several posts on Blog her con the lastest being, " My reaction to more Bloghercon reaction ." My reaction to the whole Blog her con thing is, hey, why the heck not? If we pull it off great, I'll be there with bells on if I can. If not, oh well, better luck next time. But folk have been asking lots of questions that I think would make great discussion topics for a conference. I'm not interested in doing the "we are victims" or "men suck" thing that some seem to think this must be about. It doesn'

International Eat An Animal For PETA Day

How could I have missed this ! Today is International Eat An Animal For PETA Day. Today I had bacon, scrambled eggs, and sausage for breakfast. Unfortunately I didn't have any meat for lunch (I pretty much forgot to eat lunch all together) but I did snack on some ham an hour before dinner. For dinner I had beef stew that had been simmering in the crock pot for six hours. Yum! More here and here .

Diversity in the blogosphere

People keep talking about the supposed gender gap in the blogosphere and how women bloggers don't get as much notice as men bloggers. I've been stewing the whole mess over in my mind and I've come to realise that I just don't care . I'm not going to go through my blogroll to see how many women are there. It's just not that important to me. I am partial to the idea that as mainstream media begins to notice blogs they bring their own biases onto the scene(see Instapundit's round up on it from a few days ago). They view what goes on in the blogosphere through the lens of their own experiences. If men dominate then it must be because someone somewhere is actively trying to prevent women from doing the same. Too many seem to think that the only legitimate blog success is the number of links you get and how often you get called to be a talking head on a news show. Blog success for me is writing something that I am proud to put my name on. If the MSM doesn't p


I have been brought low by yet another cold. This is gettin' so old.

Pay me

I've added a PayPal donation button for any who may feel inclined to help support my blogging habit.


I've discovered lots of new blogs recently and wanted to share their bloggy goodness with my faithful readers. RaMrOd's Blog: Through a Gun Truck soldier's Eyes He cusses like a soldier but he's a great writer. After being traumatized by reading some of what hubby's students have written in the past it is refreshing to find someone his age who can communicate coherent thoughts in writhing. Check out his take on the " Italian news reporter 'tragedy' ." The Def Conservative: Exploiting white liberal guilt on a daily basis . I think that speaks for its self. Cathy's World Diggers Realm A Face Made 4 Radio, A Voice Made 4 the Internet Fr. John Whiteford's News, Comments, & Reflections Wittenberg Gate: Applying the scriptures to every sphere of life YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT

Youy know it's time for winter to end when...

The flowers look confused. The squirrels are wearing scarves around their necks. You see a squirrel on the corner with a cup and a sign saying, "Will work for nuts." You walk into church on Sunday morning and instead of being greeted by a chorus of voices raised in worship you are greeted by a chorus of coughs. You see a black woman wear a hat (not a church hat). You rave about how warm it is only to discover that it is only 25 degrees out. You stub your toe trying to knock the black ice out of your car's wheel well. The hotdog vendor stays home. Sis 2 helped to compile this. Feel free to make your own additions in the comments.

The Rundown

Hi Everybody! It's Friday! As promised in my earlier post "See Shell Run" here is an update from Michelle Smith. To give a brief recap of the story so far, Michelle is in training to take part in a marathon (yep 26.2 miles) in June in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We will be keeping track of Michelle's progress as she trains, and hopefully be able to gather support, monetary and emotional, for her. Greetings everyone, I just wanted to send you all an update on my marathon training for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I will be walking 26.2 miles in June in San Diego and have been exercising with my team every Saturday morning in Central Park. This week I am working toward the 10 mile mark!! We've gone as high as 8 miles, which I did in about 2 hours. Not too shabby, yah? By the end of the month, I'll have completed 13 miles in my training, a half marathon! This past weekend, we went to a meeting with our Team In Training teammates and go

Thankful Thursday

It's been a long day and a long week but I'm still thankful. I'm thankful that/for: The kids are all in bed. They're not all asleep but they are in bed. It's staying light out longer which means... We are one day closer to spring. Those baby throw-up spots on the shoulders of my favourite black jacket(and almost any shirt I wear). I'm told by older and wiser parents that you miss that kind of stuff when your babies grow up. Those who lay their lives on the line for freedom around the world. They reflect some of the best of what God has given humanity. Almost forgot to ask, what are you thankful for?

Girly stuff

Just a couple of items that have caught my eye. This is an interesting idea, Blog her con , a conference for women bloggers. Will there be childcare? Worker Bees Blog writes about it here . TulipGirl's Women's Day post (it was yesterday) makes this observation about the American church, "I'’ve seen such a strong desire to rebuild the family and give honor to mothers, that those who are not married especially (but also those who are married but do not have children) are in a sort of limbo." She asks, " the church really showing respect to women, if we are subtly snubbing our single and childless friends?" So many discussions about women in the church seem to assume that the women being discussed are all married with children. It was really starting to annoy me. I'm glad some one else noticed.

That's just not right

How is it that the unhinged Ward Churchill gets to keep his job while a respected professor with teaching awards to his name and no scandals plaguing him is no longer allowed to teach and in danger of loosing his job ? What is up with Colorado University? Can't anybody there think straight any more? Hat tip

"In the darkness I rise"

I like songs that paint vivid pictures in my mind either with the lyrics or the music or both. "Icarus II" from the album Somewhere To Elsewhere (2000) by Kansas paints a stunning picture that moves mr every time I hear it. The first time I heard the song the music reminded me of an aerial battle between ace fighter pilots. I saw World War II era planes weaving in and out of the clouds. As I learned the lyrics I discovered that it was indeed about an aerial battle. The music alone weaves a spell that puts you in the cockpit with the pilot. It has you soaring in the air. The beginning of the song brings to mind a dark pre-dawn airstrip where pilots are suiting up and climbing into cockpits psyching themselves up for the task ahead. You can feel the sense of unease about what's about to happen along with the commitment to do the job and do it well. The music and lyrics evoke all of the phases of an aerial battle. The calm before the first sighting of the enemy, the rush

Don Filiberto update

See here and here for background. 1.Don Filiberto's legal investigation may be coming to a close. There is convincing evidence of his innocence-and really no evidence against him! Pray that he may be released soon. Pray for the legal system to act justly, based on truth and justice. Pray for his case to be resolved before the current judge is moved to another area. 2.Thank God for the strong church within the jail and Don Filiberto's witness there. Pray for wisdom for us as we seek to reach out to the families of the prisoners. We looked at chapter 24 of Acts in Bible study this week. The chapter details Paul's trip to Caesarea after being rescued from the mob by Lysias, commander of the Roman soldiers in Jerusalem. Paul spent 2 years in prison in Caesarea even though the Roman authorities didn't think he actually did anything wrong. In those two years he regularly met with Felix, the governor of Caesarea. Paul also likely had many opportunities to witness to Fel

GOP's a little bit Nazi

I guess Byrd (known as "Sheets" to some) didn't get the memo : GOP Jewish Group Critizes [sic] Byrd's Remarks A pair of Jewish groups accused Sen. Robert Byrd on Wednesday of making an outrageous and reprehensible comparison between Adolf Hitler's Nazis and a Senate GOP plan to block Democrats from filibustering. "We, unlike Nazi Germany or Mussolini's Italy, have never stopped being a nation of laws, not of men," Byrd said. "But witness how men with motives and a majority can manipulate law to cruel and unjust ends." Byrd then quoted historian Alan Bullock, saying Hitler "turned the law inside out and made illegality legal." I've been sitting at my computer now trying think of an appropriate comment. I got nothin'. When will this foolishness end? Hattip Michael King

Thankful Thursday

I heard on the radio the other night that we were going to be getting snow every day for the next ten days or so in our neck of the woods. Sigh. I am thankful that: God made winter long enough for us to really appreciate the spring when it finally comes. We are one day closer to spring. I have a big stack of garden catalogues to drool and day dream over. Ethan helped me make oatmeal for breakfast this morning. Ethan read Dr. Seuss' ABC book to his class at school today. Isaiah has started letting us read books to him, especially Dr. Seuss' ABC book. We are one day closer to spring. What are you thankful for?

See Shell Run

Racing for the cure... For anyone who has wondered, "what can I do to make a difference in this world?" here is your answer. In an effort to raise support and awarness, I will be following Michelle as she prepares to run her marathon. We will submit weekly updates on her training and fund raising efforts. If you would like to support Michelle (whether with monetary donations, or kind words) follow the links at the end of the letter. Hi, everyone, My name is Michelle. I am training to race in a marathon (yep, 26.2 miles) for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help find cures for blood cancers and support the hundreds of thousands of patients battling these diseases. Over the past year, I've had the chance to get to know many blood cancer patients, some in grade school, high school, college, and senior citizens, all of whom are amazingly positive and eager to support others who are newly-diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma. They tell me about how sick they were

She's gonna be on TV

La Shawn Barber is going to be on MSNBC’s “ Connected Coast to Coast ” tomorrow at around 5:20 p.m. EST and she's looking for some advice . She'll be talking about women bloggers with a couple of other folks. Are we rolling out the women now in honor of women's history month? Anyway, mark your calendars and set your VCRs and DVRs.