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Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/that: Those who regularly check each week to see what I'm thankful for. You help keep me thankful and honest. The true meaning of Christmas. Jewel's first Christmas. She didn't get what all the fuss was about but she was here for it. Next year she'll be wading into the fray with the rest of my lot. Homemade Christmas presents from the kids. My bought with the local stomach bug making the rounds was blessedly brief and mild. I had enough of a voice left to sing all of the Christmas hymns at Church on Sunday. Now I sound like a smoker but I can still hum and whistle. Sharing the fun things from my childhood with my kids (Christmas Village here we come!). Friends and family to share the holiday with. What are you thankful for?

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/that: The hardworking teachers, therapists, and other staff who work with my boys to help do their best. "He ate the fried fish sandwich!" wrote Isaiah's special ed teacher. That's a big deal for a picky eater like Isaiah. I love that his teacher gets as excited about that kind of stuff as we do. Christmas is coming! Sophia keeps asking to open presents. She looked ready to rebel until I offered to let her help wrap the presents we got for her cousins. Ethan singing and playing Christmas carols. He's been in full blown Christmas mode since the Christmas tree came out of the attic the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Hubby is all done with grading for the semester. Fun loving friends and family. What are you thankful for?

Nickle and Dime

Gov Paterson's proposed budget You know, I could deal with the budget cuts, the cuts in funding to the services we use for the boys, to education and the health insurance programs. I could deal with the trimming of the fat in government. But the nickle and diming of New Yorkers with new and increase fees and taxes is a bit much. Gov. David Paterson unveils dire New York State budget that includes new taxes, layoffs and cuts Additional items the state is considering raising fees and taxes on: An "iPod tax" that charges state and local sales tax for "digitally delivered entertainment services" - in other words, that new Beyonce song you download. State sales tax at movie theaters, sporting events, taxis, buses, limousines and cable and satellite TV and radio. Costlier driving with the repeal of the 8-cents-per-gallon sales tax cap on motor and diesel motor fuel, plus and increase in the auto rental tax. Tuition increases at SUNY and CUNY , $620 and $600 a year

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/that: Peace and quiet. Not easily found in my house but when it shows up I'm glad to have it. Baby giggles. Christmas is coming. Children's voices raised in prayer. Central heating. What are you thankful for?

What did you say?

Things over heard in our house in the last few months. *** Me: No touching the walls! Ethan: I won't! Auntie 1: Stop touching the wall! Ethan: I'm not touching the wall. I'm painting the wall. With reasoning like that he has a bright future, perhaps in treaty negotiations at the UN. *** Sophia: There's no ham on this burger. Just two big pickles. *** Sophia: Why are you smiling at me? Me: You're a cutie pie. Sophia: I'm not a cutie pie! I'm not even a pie. I'm a girl. *** Me: Are you just giving these to me so you can get some more? Sophia: Yes. At least she's honest about her bribery. *** Sophia: Mommy remember what God told you to do. God told you to put two kinds of icing on it. We need to work on her understanding of theology a bit. *** Isaiah: [ After hubby picks him up. ] You hands are cold! Hubby reports that Isaiah said this with appropriate cadence and inflection. Every time hubby repeated this story Isaiah got a what-are-you-all

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/that: This nasty head cold I've got didn't strike until after Thanksgiving. Trying to cook or eat a feast in my current condition would not have been pretty. Modern medicine. Without it I'd be a lot more miserable than I am right now. Thanksgiving left overs. I haven't had to cook since last week. The house is more clean than dirty (thanks mom et al). Helpful bank clerks. Christmas! What are you thankful for?