The Arab-Palestine connection

Omar posted this interesting essay on his blog, Iraq The Model:
This article is not about Iraq, it is about an issue that has been used in Iraq and other Arab countries to strengthen the grip of Arab tyrants on power....For nearly a century, the main concern of Arabs and Muslims was (and still is) the Palestinian issue. I must stress that I do not want to defend any particular party, neither do I want to go deep into the roots of this conflict, who caused it or why a certain super(and minor)power adapted a certain policy. I just want to focus on the way the consecutive Arab governments dealt with it.

I hope through doing this I could also answer two valid questions that were posted in the comment section of previous articles:
The first asking why Arab cared for Palestinians rights more than they do for their own? In the second, was asking about the reaction of Arabs and Muslims towards what's happening in Iraq. As every one knows, the Arab-Israeli wars started in 1948 following the UN resolution in 1947. The weak and immature democracies governing most of the Arab nations at that time stepped into the war hesitantly under the pressure of the growing feelings of the (Arab nationalism).

He goes on to discuss why Israel and Palestine figure so prominently in so much of Arab politics.


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