Email received from a friend regarding submission:

" I just had one question about your conclusion. While I can't argue
much about what you said in regards to the context of Ephesians 5, but the
conclusion might not necessarily be applicable for every woman. You ended
your argument by stating "A wife's submission to her husband's leadership
should not be dependent on how good a leader he is.", then do you mean any
married Christian woman is to submit to her husband no matter what? (what
if he becomes abusive and ungodly to her?)"

The purpose of a wife's submission is to help him lead the family unit in
glorifying God. She does this by encouraging him to be a godly and loving
man. Having said that the responsibility of a Christian wife to an abusive
and ungodly husband is to do whatever is necessary for him to become a godly
and loving man. This is never accomplished by allowing him to continue the
obviously sinful behaviour of abusing his family.


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