From the Fox News website:

"The death of a 350-pound black man who was clubbed by police in a videotaped beating was caused primarily by the struggle that ensued after the suspect lunged and swung at the officers, the coroner said Wednesday in a case that has heightened racial tensions."

I've been watching this thing unfold for the last few days. I'm amazed at how all of the black folk called upon to give their opinions about it seem to be incapable of thinking that perhaps the cops did not do something wrong here. Just about every black person I've seen on TV talking about this incident says something along the lines of, "Well, we don't know what they're not telling us about what's not on that tape! We don't know what happened before they started taping! We don't know what the witnesses said!" Obviously implying that the police did something to provoke this man into attacking them. As far as they are concerned this was just another "innocent brother" who died at the hands of a bunch of racist white cops. Can’t the networks find some black folk who don’t buy into to the “cops are all evil racists” victimology myth?


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