High Praise for US in Arab World

"The United States is not going to quit. Instead, it will convert poles of Jihadi flags into arrows to pierce the hearts of terrorists - who ultimately will be consigned to the dustbin of history."

Now that is an uplifting image. It's telling that this quote came from an editorial in the Arab Times. I can't imagine any major US newspaper printing something that offers such praise to the US. Perhaps it is envogue for US papers to be so critical of the US. All of that stuff about getting at the truth and holding the governement accountable. I wonder who's keeping them accountable?

"They are living in the past and they can see only the history of the United States. They think America is the same country that withdrew from regions where it incurred heavy casualties, such as Vietnam, Beirut in 1982, and Somalia. They refuse to see the recent history of the US in Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and in the war to liberate Kuwait. Americans weren't fazed by suicide bombings."

You could almost think that the writer is talking about Iraq war dissenters in the US instead of Arab leaders who support the "resistance fighters" that most everybody else calls just plain terrorists.


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