Some thoughts on Communism

I found this site with the subtitle, "Exposing Imperialist Lackeys, Capitalist Reactionaries, and Zionist Running Dogs," through an Iraqi blog. I haven't decided yet if it's funny or scary. What do you think? I think it is intriguing that there are people who seriously think that the world would be better off if everything were run according to communism. I've heard it said that theoretically communism and socialism were good ideas but practically they could never work. Think about it. Taking from the "haves" to give to the "have nots" so that everyone can be a "has enough" is basically a good idea. Provided that the "haves" willing give up their stuff. Some would even say it is biblical, drawing on the passage in Acts 2:44, 45 that talks about the early church being in one accord and having everything in common. That interpretation ignores some other things present in the text but, I digress.

The problem with communism is that it relays on notoriously selfish human beings to always put their fellow man before themselves. How often do we see this happen? How often did it happen in Soviet Russia? As I understand Soviet history all that their great revolution did was replace one batch of selfish and corrupt leaders for another. (Same thing with France's revolution.) Current supporters of communism seem to willfully ignore the history of eastern Europe in order to delude themselves into thinking that communism is the best thing in the world. If communism was so great why did millions flee their communist governments? Why did so many citizens of communist countries do everything in their power to replace these governments? Why are there so few communist regimes left? And why are they considered by many to be some of the worst violators of human rights on the planet?


  1. One of the best explanations I heard was that Marx axiomatically reduced the human soul to zero. In his way of accounting for the happiness of people it was always a materialist calculation. In this way, masses of people could be satisfied by being convinced that a certain level of material prosperity is all they need. This is his view of the pursuit of happiness.


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