All of those fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, and everything else will kill you.

What Can We Eat?
If any of the stuff mentioned in this article were true we'd probably all be dead by now. But we're alive and kicking so somebody must not be telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Eco-Extremism, Not Science, Behind Fishy Salmon Scare by Steven Milloy
Well now that explains a few things.

Study: More pollutants in farmed salmon than wild
This is a good example of media hype and fearmongering. If any of the claims made about farm raised salmon were true we would see a serious rise in cancer cases in the US because so many people eat salmon.

I'm not one of the brainless masses who will believe anything a scientist and a reporter tells me just because it's "scientific." I know a thing or two about the scientific method and it's limitations and statistics and the lot. It's common practice in the scientific realm to spin your results so they fit with your theory. Scientists are ordinary people just like you and me and are not above spinning their results to please whoever's signing the checks that fund their research to make sure that those checks keep coming.


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