Another one escapes the plantation
The Democrats are busy shooting themselves in the foot again. Or are they just putting their feet in their mouths? Or are they shooting themselves in the foot and then sticking it in their mouths? In any case here's the deal, Dean Backer Calls GOP Candidate 'House Mexican'
"Steven Ybarra, a Democratic National Committee (search) official and regional coordinator of Latinos for Dean (search), called Rosario Marin (search), the former U.S. treasurer under President Bush who is now seeking the GOP nomination to compete against California Sen. Barbara Boxer, a "house Mexican for the Republicans." The attack was sent out in a mass e-mail to political activists, community leaders and a number of journalists this week. "
I liked Marin's response,
"'This man has absolutely no regard for a person who has worked all her life, who has gone from nothing, from very very humble beginnings to the person that's signed all of the currency of the United States,' Marin responded, adding that she is mostly shocked that California's Democratic leaders have so far been silent about Ybarra's remarks."

I really liked Discoshaman's comments on the whole thing as well. Here's a sample,
"Liberal activists in the modern era remind me of nothing so much as Southern sheriffs during the Civil Rights Era. Any minority person who chooses to think as an individual has the attack dogs loosed upon them. Firehoses of vicious invective are turned on them until they retreat from their positions. The leadership of the Democratic Party seems to view their party as a plantation -- and no minority leaves without permission."


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