Democrat presidential hopefuls on the INS
The question about the INS's legendary ineptitude came up during the Iowa Black and Brown Forum debate between the democratic presidential hopefuls. When asked what they would do to reform the INS the candidates questioned basically said, "The INS is bad and if I am president I will fix it."

As you can see this does not address the fact that people spend years waiting while their paper work sits gathering dust on someone's desk! If any of these people are really serious about immigration reform then they will see that the INS needs a few more employees and a whole lot more accountability to someone, anyone, please.

They certainly don't need more money. What the heck are we paying for with all of those wretched fees they charge anyway? Are we renting the space that our applications occupy on the desks of over worked INS employees?

And another thing, why should people, who have obeyed the laws of the land from the very first, have to get up before the crack of dawn and go stand in line out in the cold to get their finger prints taken yet again because the last set of prints that were taken have expired while their applications for citizenship sat moldering on someone's desk?

And why on earth should someone have to drive 3 hours, one way, to do an interview that takes 15 - 20 minutes tops to complete!

And why on earth are people still get asked if they were ever affiliated with the communist party?

I'm mad about this, can you tell?

Up date:
Why was it called the "Black and Brown" debate any way? Were they really referring to the colour of people's skin? Listening to the questions and answers during the debate it would seem so. There seems to be an implication that the "black" and "brown" folk either weren't included in previous debates or weren't interested in them because their "issues" were not being addressed. Why is this singling out of "minority" people considered a good thing? It just serves to further factionize the American population. It panders to the people who claim that "whitey" is doing everything he can to keep all non-white people down. Because apparently the only way that all the "black" and "brown" people can have their "issues" addressed is to have a special debate just for them. I'm waiting for the "We are all Americans" debate where the candidates pledge to stop this pandering to the separatist mentality that holds so many minorities back from full participation in American society.


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