Democrats and Republicans fighting over the Black vote?
I found the links to these two articles at Black (thanks to La Shawn Barber for posting a link to the site).

Black Votes -- No GOP Fantasy
"Believing it has cornered the market on black voters, the Democratic Party may want to dismiss the GOP's announced goal of winning 25 percent of the African American vote in 2004. Democratic leaders may be correct in saying the feat can't be achieved in time for this year's presidential election. But the current political dynamics in black America do not bode well for the future; the Democratic Party could lose its good thing."

"More African Americans now have college degrees, ushering them into the middle class, shifting their values and priorities while prompting them to abandon the "blacks-as-victims" theology. Many low-income blacks have gained an appreciation for the opportunities provided by the free enterprise system and are rejecting the notion of government as savior. Meanwhile, there has been an emergence of a new generation of African Americans that exists in a multiracial, crossover world."

"If Democrats want to avoid an erosion of their African American base, they can start by opening the door for more and younger blacks to assume leadership posts, and by abandoning the outdated left-wing politics they seem intent on playing. Most important, they can stop navel-gazing and do what Republicans are doing: Pay attention to the evolving African American electorate."

Republicans Are Trying to 'Fool' Blacks
"The Republican Party, after receiving only 8 percent of the African-American vote in the 2000 presidential election, has established a goal of winning 25 percent of the Black vote in next year’s contest.

Instead of making that announcement when most people were preparing to make their New Year’s resolutions, the GOP should have delayed that announcement for three months. Then, it would be clear that this was some sort of April Fool’s joke.

What has George Bush done to quadruple his Black support? Let’s ignore the rhetoric and look at the record."

Well, you can decide for yourself if this piece actually ignores rhetoric or not. I think it's just more of the same "republicans hate black people" victimology drivel. Am I being too harsh?


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