Gay genetics
Discoshaman writes a bit about the implications of a possible link between genes and sexual orientation for Christians in The Gay Gene: Would it Matter? He also addresses Howard Dean's apparent claims that there is a scientific link between genetics and sexual orientation.

Up date:
Some very insightful comments on the issue by Adrian Warnock in the UK,
"But there is no use standing on the sidelines saying how shocking it is that a presidential candidate can hold these views. Not only do presidents hold these views but so do some people who call themselves Christians. I suspect that very few of them would feel brave enough to comment on a post on a site like this one to express this, however. Why? Probably not because they are afraid to discuss the morality or otherwise of their lifestyles, but rather out of fear of the rabid response they are likely to get.

"One thing is clear in my mind about this subject and that is that I want to be as personally distant as I possibly can be from some of the offensive knee-jerk emotive homophobic bile that is unfortunately all too common in some circles."
I know exactly how he feels.

Another up date:
Something else for Christians to think about when addressing the issue of homosexuality, by Joshua Claybourn,
"My point is not necessarily that Christian teaching on this subject is bankrupt, but that too many conservative Christians are in the dark about current societal opinions on the subject. Without a firm understanding of what people believe, Christians have little chance of making their case for salvation from the sin. You can't influence or change an audience you don't know, and Christians should know that Dean's views are very much within the American mainstream."


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