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Christmas for Iraqi Christians: Three bombs and a Fatal Shooting
"The Christmas Season for the beleaguered Iraqi Christian community was punctuated by three bombs, two of them in places of worship, and a fatal shooting." This from the Barnabas Fund, with thanks to Bruce Gordon.

"Christians in Baghdad narrowly escaped carnage as a bomb went off in their church at Christmas. The congregation had just celebrated the birth of their Lord with a traditional service when the bomb exploded. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the blast shattered church windows and caused other damage. A week later as the New Year was ushered in, another bomb was discovered at St. George's monastery in Mosul. Again, in the face of potential tragedy, the Christian community had cause to be thankful as it was defused before it detonated. Restaurant goers celebrating New Year's Eve in Baghdad were less fortunate. Five people were killed by a car bomb in a predominantly Christian area; it is not certain that this attack was specifically anti-Christian."


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