Neat stuff over at Parablemania and a short story on abortion
Jeremy has a link to a great article in his post "Scientific data on human genetic diversity."

He also comments on this claim by democratic presidential hopeful General Wesley Clark, "Life begins with the mother's decision."

Err, right. I once knew agentlemann from Norway (a place that some might characterise as the capital of the euthanasia movement) who was appalled at the way Americans treat abortion. In his country a woman does not make a decision about having an abortion without first having a lengthy consultation with her doctor(s). The family is always involved and abortion is not seen as a rights issue but as a medical issue. In Norway having an abortion is a decision not to be made unless one has all the facts and sound, presumably medical, reasons for having the procedure done. A woman is not abandoned to make such a heavy decision on her own under the flimsy premise that it her "right" to do so when ever she pleases. When a mother in Norway reaches the stage of considering having an abortion she is seen as most in need of the support of friends, family, and the medical profession. And she gets that support. This gentleman was, as my husband puts it, horrified that Americans allowed something like partial-birth abortions to happen.

The Norwegian system has a panel of professionals considering each case to decide if an abortion is medically necessary. If they say it is, the mother and the doctor can go ahead with the abortion. If they say it isn't, there's no chance of a legal abortion.
Jeremy Pierce


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