Racism forever and always in UK

Schools system accused of being racist. Why is it that racism is always at fault?
The study, the African Caribbean Achievement Plan, said: "Some, although not all, African Caribbean young people underachieve because they are educated in an education system that is not totally effective and which exhibits aspects of racism."

Karamat Iqbal, lead adviser on equalities for Birmingham LEA, was an author of the plan. He said to engage pupils properly, their heritage ought to be recognised in the curriculum.
You know, I when I first came to the States most of the teachers had no idea where Barbados was. They certainly weren't teaching West Indian history and the kids took great pleasure in making fun of my accent. But some how I still managed to continue learning how to read, write, and do math. Of course that was 20 years ago.

The article mentions that Black and Asian studengs are "underachieving at school in Birmingham partly because of 'racism' in the teaching curriculum and materials." No mention is made however of how large a part this racism plays or what the other factors maybe. But the proponents of this study are going to go ahead and try to change the curriculum anyway.


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