Sanity prevails in reparations case, mostly

"Slave reparations case dismissed"

Good thing: "CHICAGO - A federal judge on Monday dismissed a lawsuit brought by descendants of slaves against corporations they say profited from slavery, saying the plaintiffs had established no clear link to the companies they targeted."

Bad thing: "The court still left the door open for further litigation."

One of the companies named in this reparations suit is Lehman Brothers. This Christian Science Monitor article reveals the extent of their involvement in American slavery,
"Out of thousands of companies that have turned in affidavits [disclosing involvement with slavery], only one, Lehman Brothers, has acknowledged any record of a slave. Martha (no last name was recorded) served as a domestic in the home of the founding brothers. (The company contends the business itself had no ties to slavery; the reparations lawsuit disputes that.)"
I guess the reparations movement has it's own version of the one drop rule. One drop of any hint of a connection to slavery no matter how remote means you owe somebody money (presuming you have lots of money to begin with).


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