Score one for the little guys
Judges Uphold GOP Texas Redistricting Map
"AUSTIN -- A three-judge federal panel Tuesday upheld a new congressional map for Texas that the Republicans pushed through the Legislature after months of turmoil and two walkouts by the Democrats."

I first mentioned this case in my post Democrats to the rescue! Not! back in December.

The article goes on to say, "Democratic Rep. Martin Frost, whose district is being decimated under the new map, said the ruling turns 'back the clock on nearly 40 years of progress for minority Americans.' Democrats had argued the map amounted to a right-wing power grab led by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas."

Why do democrats always think that the clock will be "turned back" if they aren't the ones calling the shots. For once I'd love to hear a democrat explain exactly how letting the people elect whomever they wish to represent them (even a republican) will lead to a regression in race relations in this country.


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