Why Cats Rule The World

Hello again to all my friends I'm glad you came to stay!
Our fun and learning never ends, here's what we learned today!

It's Friday! And in keeping with that, I would like to take a moment and interject some levity into the conversations. I thought I would share my thoughts with you on the subject of cats and their domintation of our world.

As I was talking with my sister last night, I told her I would have to get off the phone soon because I needed to go upstairs, to which she replied; 'don't you have a cordless?'. Well the answer to that is no, but it got me to thinking about how the idea of cordless phones came about. After careful thought this is how I think it all went down...

It was 3pm on a Friday afternoon, the roast was in the oven, the potatoes were boiling on the stove, and the vegetables were steaming. All was in order to have dinner ready and waiting for the husband and kids who would be arriving in 30 minutes. Then the phone rings. Fluffy, who had been to this point staring out the window plotting the downfall of the neighbour's parakeet, tensed in anticipation of what was to come. Mrs. C. grabs the phone and begins her daily gossip session with Mrs. D. from church, all the while moving about the kitchen putting the finishing touches on dinner. Then it happens! 10 minutes ahead of schedule Mr. C and the kids come tearing into the house. With the phone still to her ear Mrs C. rushes out to greet them and send the kids upstairs to wash up. She kisses her husband, puts away all the coats and sends him to wash up also. By the time they return downstairs, Mrs. C. has miraculously gotten the table set, and ended her conversation with Mrs. D. (to be continued later that night...) They gather round the table and the father prepares to say grace when the are distracted by a rampant hissing sound. They trace the sound, and much to everyone's dismay, between the frigidare and the washing machine is Fluffy. The phone cord is wrapped around her mid-section like a hungry boa constrictor squeezing the life out of its prey. Needless to say Fluffy is not happy. Using her powers of telepathy, Fluffy enters the mind of young Timmy and plants the thought, 'Wouldn't it be great if phones didn't have to have cords?'

Twenty years later with the ink still wet on his diploma from MIT, Timmy sits in the board room of Bell Atlantic humbly accepting the praise of his peers who are in awe over his presentation of their next big product... THE CORDLESS PHONE...

Of course this is all speculation on my part, but I bet it made you laugh, or at least smile. Tune in next week for my thoughts on cats and the electric can opener. Toodles!


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