Animals can be racist too

Did you know that animals can be racist? I didn't but it appears that there is a racist police dog terrorizing the good black folk in McKees Rock, Pennsylvania. No this is not a joke. See Police dog again accused of racial profiling and Cop dog cleared of racial profiling.

Now granted there are some important details missing, such as what the children were doing when they were attacked, what the adults were doing when the "racist" dog attacked, and what the cops were doing prior to the attacks (during the first incident the dog's human pattner was wrestling with a suspect). Having said that, this is still a pretty silly thing to say about a dog, "'I blame the training,' said Bobby Kirkland [father of the victim]. 'I still say that that dog ... is a racist dog.'" I can't believe that any self respecting human being would say somehting like this out loud in public.


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