Bye bye to the World Magazine blog

The World Magazine blog has attracted a rather obnoxious and abusive troll. My first encounter with this individual was in the comments section of this post. He's been posting his hateful comments there for some time now. I enjoy reading World Magazine's blog but I'm really starting to get tired of all of the hateful comments made by this troll. I've been wondering how I should deal with this situation since World doesn't seem to think that banning this person is an appropriate action to take. So no more World Magazine for me. I've got better things to do with my time than wade through all of the tripe that the troll is allowed to post to their blog.

I sent them this email to let them know of my decision:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have mostly enjoyed reading and commenting on this blog since December. However, the presence to the individual who calls himself Badonicus has become a real impediment to my enjoyment of this blog. His obnoxious and hateful comments have greatly impeded intelligent discussion. I don't know what World Magazine's policies are regarding posting comments but I have been hoping for some time now that this individual would be banned from commenting. Since this is obviously not the case I can not continue to visit the World Magazine blog. It is simply not worth my time to wade through the hateful comments made by this Badonicus to find the intelligent information and commentary. Thank you for the insights and information I have gained thus far and good bye.

Samantha Pierce
We'll see what comes of it.


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