Chickens are our brothers in the struggle

You have got to be kidding me!
PETA says urging African Americans to boycott KFC
"African Americans know oppression and have a natural empathy for others who are oppressed," Bruce Friedrich, director of vegan outreach for PETA, said in an interview. "And the fact is that what happens to chickens for KFC is the worst cruelty that anybody can possibly imagine."
Now I'm not much into the victimology culture that seems to be popular in black America these days. But comparing what black folk have suffered in this country (and what some are still suffering) to the "plight" of those "oppressed" chickens that KFC serves up for us by the millions is just plain insensitive and foolish. Unless of course you see no difference between a chicken and your neighbour.

This campaign has nothing to do with "oppressed" chickens and everything to do with corporate America. If PETA had any real interest in improving the conditions of food animals they would provide companies (and consumers) with the names of farmers who treat their animals humanely. But the fact that the PETA spokesperson quoted in this article is the "director of vegan outreach" suggests that their real goal is to stop people from eating animal products. PETA's real reason for existence is to run farmers and large food companies out of business.

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