One step closer to the edge

Researchers Successfully Clone Human Embryo
WASHINGTON — Researchers in South Korea have become the first to successfully clone a human embryo, and then cull from it master stem cells that many doctors consider key to one day creating customized cures for diabetes, Parkinson's and other diseases.

This is not cloning to make babies, but to create medicine.
This sucks. I feel compelled to mention that this is not cloning in the classical sense. This is really taking a perfectly good egg removing all of the genetic material inside of it and replacing it with genetic material from a desired source. The scientists then tinker with the resulting cells as they like. This is so wrong! Every time someone starts carrying on about how much good could come from embryonic stem cell research I look at my children. All of the great advances that people are hoping for will come at the expense of our children. The problem with human "cloning" as we know it is that it completely destroys what would became another individual if left alone. How far are we willing to go in our quest to live forever?


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