Tax time

I'm trying to get my nerve up to start doing our taxes this year. I have all of the paper work I'll need but I'm just not looking forward to it. I did our taxes for the first time last year and while it wasn't as bad as I had been led to believe it wasn't my cup of tea. Ever since that fateful tax encounter last year I've been stewing over a few things in my mind.

First, I felt really sorry for the poor souls who have to write the convoluted instructions that accompany the tax forms that get mailed to us regular people every year. Then I started day dreaming about how nice it would be to have a flat tax in this country. Just think about it for a minute. No more filling out numerous forms in duplicate, no complicated worksheets, no loop holes, no freaky formulas that give even math majors the creeps, no credits, deductions, exemptions, nothing. You set a minimum level of income and everyone who makes over that amount pays X% in income tax. See how easy that was? No more tax anxiety. No fear of the IRS finding some mistake and ruining your life for it. You could calculate how much you owe on a piece of scrap paper!

Now really think about what this would mean. If everyone knew ahead of time that federal, state, and local government could only have so much of the money they made life would be a whole lot easier. Businesses would make more profit because they wouldn't have to employ a bevy of lawyers and accountants to keep track of (or get out of) their tax obligations. Instead of passing along their tax burden to the customer they could pass along their tax savings. Everyone's dollar would go a little bit further because there would be fewer people taking their cut from it.

If Russia and Iraq can manage to implement a flat income tax why can't the good ole U S of A?

My last thought on taxes is that Democrats must think we the people are a bunch of idiots. If I hear one more person carrying on about Bush's tax cut for the rich I am going to scream! If these guys are right then I must be rich because we got quite a nice chunk of money from Bush's "tax cut for the rich". We got more money back than my parents who make more money than we do! We certainly got back more than we paid. We even got a letter saying we qualified to get more back than I had calculated. Honestly do Democrats think we can't do the math for ourselves? This foolish and dishonest rhetoric just burns me up.

I aspire to someday be one of those rich people that Democrats seem to think are so evil. I really don't appreciate the fact that when (yes when) we get there the money that my husband and I will work hard for to support our family will be pilfered by some silly yahoo who thinks it's okay to take it from us just because we have it.

Go peddle your classism to someone else. I'm not buying it.


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