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We're everywhere! I've been lurking on for a few weeks now. Good stuff, thoughtful and well written. Here's an excerpt from the most recent post.
So My Generation's Voting for Nader? The State of the Young Adult Union
There is a lot of hesitancy amongst conservatives and Christians as well, to get involved with the community beyond the suburbs. I'm talking the poor, the wounded, and the disenfranchised. This is unfortunate as Democrats, Liberals, the Green Party, and many others have recognized this hole and rushed to fill it with silly in-effective programs and legislation. It's sort of like the city road crew in Seattle and the pothole problem. Every time a pothole pops up, the city comes out and fills it; with asphalt. Asphalt is cheap, it's easy to get a hold of, and it does the job temporarily. But just let it rain. You can pretty much guarantee that in a high-traffic area, it'll only be a matter of months before that same pothole is back again. So why don't they use cement or something else that will hold? Well, it's all an effort to keep taxes high, jobs flowing, and work available. The city is very intentional about the work they do not lasting too long. Such is the same as many of these "social programs" that have been instituted over the years. They're not doing anything productive for the inner city or impoverished communities. They're just paying somebody's paycheck. They're after quick-fixes and not lasting fruit.
She's got a good sense of humour too.


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