Another one paints his face and the black people go crazy

Blacks decry GSU fraternity
Protesters complain of slur, threaten boycott of school

The protest was in response to a Jan. 24 Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity party where two members arrived wearing blackface, according to a university incident report. After members of Phi Beta Sigma, a historically black fraternity that was at the party, objected to the blackface, the two members took it off, the incident report said.

A few days after the party, members of both fraternities met with school officials and Pi Kappa Alpha apologized for the incident, said Dan Forrester, the fraternity's president. The fraternity also suspended the two members. Georgia State officials have suspended the fraternity pending the outcome of a hearing.

Apparently this is not enough for the worshippers of diversity at this school. Someone stepping forward and saying, "We have done something wrong" is not something to be commended. Not if you offend the diversity at all costs crowd. No sirrie Bob! There was a time when owning up to a mistake made earned you respect. These days all it earns you is a bull's eye between the shoulder blades.
"The entire organization needs to be kicked off this campus," said Dawn Davison, 27, who led the rally. "Any threat to diversity is a threat to the university."

Speakers at Thursday's rally, which included students from Morehouse College, demanded further action from the university and threatened to boycott businesses run by Georgia State. Among the demands: suspension of Pi Kappa Alpha for a minimum of three years, the addition of a mandatory African-American history course for all students, and hiring of more minority faculty in tenure track positions. Shakeema Bell, a member of the Black Student Alliance, said the university has until 4 p.m. Wednesday to respond to the list of demands.

I get tired of hearing these kinds of stories day after day. How many perfectly well meaning white folk are painted as flaming racists by some angry black mob with a chip on its shoulder? This is all that this is. Angry black people looking for the racist bogeyman hiding inside every white person they meet. If you are told day in and day out that you are surrounded by racist white people who are just waiting for their opportunity to put you in your place you tend to believe it. Racism must exist so anything that a white person does must be a blatant act of racism. And if you don't agree well then you must a racist too you slimy red neck craka!

Give me a break! And this is the caliber of student that universities are turning out these days? People who are so blinded by the racism forever and always doctrine that they can't even think straight. So what exactly are they going to teach in this mandatory African-American history course should the university show no back bone and cave in to these childish demands? That black people have really fragile minds and you shouldn't do anything to upset them because you never know when they will cry racist. That one wrong word from said unstable black people could destroy reputations and cost anybody they can get their hands on lots of money? That we should all treat black people like helpless children because a couple hundred years ago their ancestors were slaves?

Okay, I'm to mad to say any more.


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