Banning Tag?

Now I can understand wanting kids to play safely but is banning tag really the way to go? Wouldn't it have made more sense to just deprive the trouble makers of the joy of playing the game rather than depriving the entire school for two weeks? And why did it take a grade school kid starting a petition for the grown-ups in charge to decide that maybe banning tag altogether was not necessarily the best course of action?

Tag's Still Not It
A ban on the violent game of tag has been lifted at an elementary school in Madison, Wisc. but only after officials agreed on rules for the new, “safe” version of the game, reports WISC-TV.

Tag was banned from Randall Elementary school because principal Marianne Moss said it was too violent.

But the ban prompted complaints from parents and prompted one grade-schooler to even circulate a petition. Olivia Lichterman said, "Most kids can't focus well when they don't get exercise, and kids who don't have football, they all play tag."
The main article on the WISC-TV website states, "Now that a two-week time out has been taken to review safety rules, it's been decided tag can commence again Tuesday. However, there's to be no pushing, tripping, or shoving and only 'safe tag' touching."

If they'd just instituted the new safe tag rules in the first place, after sending the offending youngsters to the side lines, no one would have batted an eyelash. Yeah I know, nobody cares if you do your job well but everyone sure is willing to point fingers and talk about you when you screw up. That's life.


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