All right, I confess. I’m BWP, Blogging While Pregnant and let me tell you it has not been pretty. For some foolish reason I thought that having been pregnant twice before would make things go easier the third time around. After all my body has had some practice and it knows what to do now. NOT. I’ve had many days where I was too sick to get off of the couch. I was saving up all of my energy in case I had to make a mad dash for the bathroom. Why on earth do people call it morning sickness when you are actually sick 24-7? From now on I’m going to call it perpetual sickness.

There have been some funny moments though. The first day of my perpetual sickness I was curled up on the couch praying and pleading with God that I would not have to throw up (I HATE throwing up but sometimes it’s the only way to feel better) when my youngest son wandered by and relieved me of the fruit that I didn’t have enough energy to continue eating. He wandered by a few minutes later to deposit the pit on the coffee table in front of me. At least he didn’t throw it down the heating vent.

I’ve been inspired to make some of the great dishes from my childhood in the old country. Cou cou with fish gravy and rice with okra and curried saltfish gravy being two of my greatest achievements. I danced around the kitchen with glee at my culinary accomplishments and happily inhaled my handiwork. Unfortunately the next day the mere thought of my culinary creations would make my head spin.

Despite my picky stomach (or because of it) I’ve had to eat constantly. Things get really ugly if my body even thinks that my stomach might be empty. I feel like I’m going to gain my 25-30 lbs before I get out of my first trimester!

My nose has turned on me too. I’ve had to start making my own body lotion because the smell of all of the store bought stuff makes me queasy. We’ve had to use unscented laundry detergent, and stopped using fabric softener all together, since my first pregnancy. Anytime someone who just did their own laundry walks by I want to go have a nice long rest. Can’t stand the smell of most shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and bodywashes either. We’re going to have to switch deodorants since I can’t seem to stand the smell of the stuff that we’ve been using any more.

But that’s not the worst of it! I finally figured out last week that I’ve become lactose intolerant. This after weeks of living off of yogurt! It was the only thing that kept my stomach down when things got ugly. I’ve got two 16oz tubs of the stuff in the fridge! So now I’ve got myself some Lactaid. I also read ingredients lists much more carefully. I’ve been feeling much better the last few days but I still want to put cheese on everything.

I’ve got about four more weeks to go before I clear my first trimester. If I’m lucky some of the worst of my perpetual sickness will begin to die down. Then I can get back to being excited about having another kiddy. I really don’t want to think about the other possibility.


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