Racial profiling...at your polling place?

I haven't had the chance to vote in a primary election yet so I don't know personally what that involves but it probably shouldn't include people assuming your political affiliation based on your appearance. Juliette at Baldilockss had just that kind of experience.
I...headed toward one of the two Republican voting booths. "No, no," said the third person, a woman. "Go to one of those booths." She was pointing at one of the five Democrat booths. I looked down at my ballot and it was a Democrat one. I walked over and handed it back to her.

"Aren't you a Democrat?" she asked ponderously.
"No, ma'am," I said with military precision. "I'm a Republican."

Suddenly, in a polling place deep in the heart of Maxine Water's congressional district, it got real quiet...

During the 2000 election and following fiasco I had to put up with a lot of smack from dems who couldn't conceive of a black person willingly and enthusiastically voting for a republican. They apparently thought it was acceptable to make fun of people for choosing their own political affiliations in a free country. I often found myself tempted to smack them upside the head and remind them that people died so that I could vote for whoever I wanted to.


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