Well, well, well

"Passion" goes to other countries: "The Passion of the Christ" opened in a number of international markets last weekend, and, again, it is breaking records.

And the rampant antisemitism that this film was supposed to inspire in all of us secretly Jew hating Christians has yet to materialize. I'm slowly beginning to lose the urge to scream, "You freaking idiots!" every time I hear someone carrying on about how antisemitic the movie is.

Parableman has an interesting conspiracy theory on why today's Jewish leaders are against The Passion of the Christ. Jewish anti-Christianism: Christianity has its very basis in Hebrew Torah, prophets, and other writings. It sees itself as the fulfillment of the Hebrew scriptures. Yet a Jew who sees Jesus as Messiah is seen as an illegitimate Jew by contemporary Judaism, even if this Jew continues to worship at a synagogue of other Jews who see Jesus as Messiah, maintaining clear Jewish worship traditions and cultural observances. This is the real reason so many Jewish people were opposed to this film, I think. They hate Jesus and everything he stands for.

Should we form a Christian antidefamation league?


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